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Walk, Run, Sprint Interval Workout

You’ve overstayed your welcome, belly fat. If you’ve been running consistently but still, you look down and can pinch an inch (or several) from your middle, it’s time to kick that gut to the curb. Crunches aren’t the answer, so change things up by adding high-intensity intervals to your routine. We recommend doing this 45-minute running workout outside; not only will it help diminish your waistline, doing speed intervals will also help increase speed and endurance.

After completing a five-minute walking warmup, repeat the below minute-long workout 35 times, and end with a five-minute walking cooldown.

Time Pace Calories Burned
30 seconds Walk briskly (about 4.6 mph) 3
20 seconds Run moderately (about 6.7 mph) 4
10 seconds Sprint as fast as you can (about 8.6 mph) 2.7

Calories burned per minute: 9.7
Calories burned for warmup and cooldown: 50
Total calories burned: 389.5

*All calculations are based on a 150-pound woman.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / THEM TOO

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